Getting cited

Getting cited is more and more becoming the equivalent of “making good research”. That is the subject of my research for which I try to keep a neutral stance, but finding oneself cited in the work of distinguished scholars has a special effect on aspiring researchers.

Turns out that we got a nice citation to our work on the 9/11 effect on the sciences: Jonathan Moreno, professor of medical ethics at University of Pennsylvania, used our (Mine and Mats Fridlund’s) bibliometric model to show how the number of articles having terms related to brain research and terrorism increased substantially during the years after the 9/11 attack. One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but it seems like our research is becoming fact-like!

So buy the book and spot the “european researchers” in

Title Mind Wars: Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century
Author Jonathan D. Moreno
Publisher Bellevue Literary Press, 2012
ISBN 193413743X, 9781934137437
Length 224 sidor